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Edel Designer Jewellery is a small designer jewellery business based in the heart of Cape Town run by me, Alet Corin. I completed a four year jewellery design and manufacturing degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2011. Therafter I did a two year MQA internship to train as a Goldsmith. I started Edel Designer Jewellery in 2016.

Every piece of jewellery is made form the finest of precious metals and uniquely handcrafted by myself. Our collections are inspired by our African surroundings; sun, sea and flora. 

We also design and manufacture fine jewellery and wedding rings on order, and customize jewellery to cater for everyones taste.  We manufacture in Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

Edel Designer Jewellery strive to be exclusive by producing a limited amount of each uniquely handcrafted design. You're sure to be the only person at the party with those jewels. It is of high importance to make every effort to build respectable relationships with our clients and ensure satisfaction through courteous and expert service.

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